1. Kotoka Suzuki: Shimmer, Tree
    Kotoka Suzuki

  2. Guy Klucevsek: Citrus, My Love
    Guy Klucevsek

  3. Guy Klucevsek: Citrus, My Love with Bonus Videos
    Guy Klucevsek

  4. Danielle Buonaiuto: Marfa Songs
    Danielle Buonaiuto

  5. Vignettes (Short Pieces for Accordion): Bonus Recordings + PDF Book of Scores

  6. Kathleen Supové: Eye to Ivory
    Kathleen Supové

  7. Instruments of Happiness: The Happiness Handbook
    Instruments of Happiness

  8. Zibuokle Martinaityte: In Search of Lost Beauty...
    Žibuoklė Martinaitytė

  9. Tim Brady: Music for Large Ensemble
    Tim Brady

  10. Peter Garland: The Landscape Scrolls

  11. NakedEye Ensemble: Storylines Crossing
    NakedEye Ensemble

  12. David Lee Myers: Ether Music
    David Lee Myers

  13. Tod Dockstader: From the Archives
    Tod Dockstader

  14. Guy Klucevsek: Teetering on the Verge of Normalcy
    Guy Klucevsek

  15. Instruments of Happiness performs Brady, Berthiaume, Wiens
    Instruments of Happiness

  16. International Contemporary Ensemble: On The Nature of Thingness
    International Contemporary Ensemble

  17. Elliott Sharp: The Boreal

  18. Martin Bresnick: Prayers Remain Forever
    Martin Bresnick

  19. Paul Dolden: Who Has the Biggest Sound?

  20. Guy Klucevsek: Polka from the Fringe
    Guy Klucevsek

  21. Keeril Makan: Target
    Keeril Makan

  22. Vincent Persichetti: Piano Sonatas 10 & 11
    Vincent Persichetti

  23. Phillip Bimstein: Larkin Gifford's Harmonica

  24. Pamela Z: A Delay is Better

  25. Robert Een: Mystery Dances
    Robert Een

  26. Roger Kleier: Deep Night, Deep Autumn
    Roger Kleier

  27. Guy Klucevsek: Free Range Accordion
    Guy Klucevsek

  28. Jay Cloidt: Kole Kat Krush
    Jay Cloidt

  29. Guy Klucevsek: Transylvanian Softwear
    Guy Klucevsek

  30. Charles Amirkhanian: Walking Tune
    Charles Amirkhanian

  31. Garland Hirschi's Cows
    Phillip Bimstein

  32. Casa Vecchia
    Paul Dresher

  33. From A to Z

  34. Apocalypse
    Tod Dockstader

  35. Tod Dockstader: Quatermass
    Tod Dockstader


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Starkland releases engaging, compelling recordings of alternative classical, experimental, and avant-garde music.

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“For anyone with open ears, Starkland is essential listening.” – John Luther Adams

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“Challenging and beautiful and provocative and powerful music.” – David Lang
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